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Looking to build a site?

I specialize in web design for actors, but have also built for musicians, filmmakers, and writers. I have been building and managing websites & online presences since I was 14 years old. My service will provide you with a user friendly site designed to express your brand and show off your work in a way that best represents you. I will also teach you how to easily manage & edit your website and domain ownership in the future, so that you have the power to make any updates as your career continues.

Pricing & Rates


For college and high school students, I offer a flat rate of $40. Prices would go up to $50 if website material is in excess.

For anyone else, my rate is $30 an hour, and sites typically take between 3-8 hours to complete depending on material uploaded. Additional fees may incur if you chose to use me for anytime you wish to update your site - but my goal is to get you on your feet with a great site base so that you can update it yourself in the future!


Below you can view a few examples of my web design work. I use both Wix and GoDaddy to design sites for my clients!

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 4.13.46 PM.png

Aaron Lamm -
Actor Website

Aaron's site is clean, simple, and different shades of blue. Together we worked together to design him a logo, and I made sure his entire portfolio of work as a child actor and college student were easy to read and view.

Image 7-14-23 at 4.06 PM.JPG

Michael Barakiva - Directing Portfolio

Michael's directing portfolio spans several regional theatres across the US. I worked to redesign his page from a clumsier format, and give an easy way for potential creative teams to quickly view his body of work.  

Image 7-14-23 at 4.59 PM.jpg

Sydney Jackson -
Actor Website

Sydney wanted a pretty base for a site that showcased her work and creative spirit. We chose an orange color theme and I helped ensure she'd be easily able to update the site herself as her career grows. 

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 5.04.00 PM.png

Mairéad O'Neill -
Actor Website

My personal acting site showcases a lot of different projects in an easily navigated design that complimented my personal aesthetic. I wanted a clean look and a large video gallery. I worked on building a brand that my portfolio site would align with.

Screen Shot 2023-07-14 at 5.13.06 PM.png

Curious & Rare -
Developmental Proj. Website

Tracy needed a way for theatres, funds, and other creatives to easily view her new musical in development "Curious & Rare" - the history behind the show, samples of her work, and a blog w/ updates as the show makes waves in the musical theatre world. 

Logo & Favicon Add-On

In addition to a fresh new site, take your image up a step by having a simple logo and favicon (those cute images at the top of a tab) designed for you!

WebP Image.webp

Aaron Lamm

An edgy yet sophisticated favicon & logo inspired by client's signature.

WebP Image.webp

Curious & Rare

Favicon and logo incorporating artistic elements from the project's theme.

WebP Image.webp

Brian O'Neill

Client requested something simple showing their name.

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